Michelle Ivankovic

“Maker Sofa and Mechanical Feathers” Capacity 2011

What capacity does an object have to make us conscious of its origins?  How can it tell a story about the life before us, instead of convincing us that it has been vomited out by a machine?   Imperfect objects are fascinating.   I love to make objects that are imperfect, even when using a mathematical computer program to design mass produced objects I add subtle irregularities are probably never consciously detected by anyone.  Here is a large object, a sofa which should be symmetrical, but it isn’t.  Each hump and bump is a different size. Seams merge and dissect and merge back into themselves endlessly without any accurate repetition.  Once seated, it’s hard to mistake that common fitness balls lie within.  This strips away all mystery, which brings one closer to the whole object.  The irregularities in the pattern of the fabric, the asymmetry and the fitness balls within make us conscious of its origins.  It puts unseen humans on the other side of this sofa.

Maker Sofa Materials: 12 fitness balls held together by a fabric exoskeleton; velvet, brass and pvc
Size: 80cm x 210 cm x 120 cm
Price: $4,500

Mechanical Feathers Materials: feathers, surplus clock mechanisms
Size 2″ x 2″ x 6″
Price: Not for sale


Michelle Ivankovic is a fine woodworker and industrial designer, responsible for some of the most playful, beautiful and useful objects in Umbra’s U+ collection.