Erin McCutcheon

“LODESTAR” Capacity 2011

I think of capacity on a human level. What can we endure? What makes us survive?  What drives us? History is full of incredible stories of human triumph over harsh conditions or traumatic events that for the most part, people come out unscathed and almost superhuman, stories become heroic rather than tragic.  Is this just will? Or drive? Are we just stubborn and reluctant to give up and throw in the towel?  Loadstar is work based around these thoughts and questions.  More accurately, it’s inspired by the legendary survival story of Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackelton’s expedition on the Endurance 1914-1916.  28 men survived for 2 years enduring the world’s harshest environment on nothing but pure willpower, hope and trust in a single human being.  Loadstar is the basic component of a survival kit, the signal mirror. Illustrating quotes and images from the Endurance’s final voyage, these small mirrors reflect our primitive human desire, to survive.

Materials: wood, brass, ceramic, rope, mirrored plexiglass, ranging from 3” to 10”
Price: ranging from 40-150$ (depending on size and materials)




Erin McCutcheon, co-curator of CAPACITY, is a Toronto based multidisiplinary designer with a background in both Industrial Design (OCAD) and Fine Arts (NSCAD), whose work captures elements from history, memories and random thoughts.