Kirsten White

“*Aster Bowl and Nest Chairs” Capacity 2011

Capacity can be taken to mean volume. It also infers somewhat elastic properties in that it implies “how much volume can X contain”. Aster* explores this notion as flexible vessels. Making use of small, repeating, odd shaped pieces of wood, Aster* changes shape and size. Arranged in circular patterns, the same wood part playfully joined by unseen elastic allows Aster* to become a bowl, dish or basket.
ATer Bowl Materials: Fir, elastic, Ø10” x 2”, 2” and 4”
Price $900 for the set

NEst, also exploring the theme of capacity as it implies volume, hollow chair forms are presented in 4 different scales, each nested within the larger one. Each contained chair, is a proportional representation of one another, to the ratio as stated in the title of the work. Individually each chair is functional. Collectively, besides exploring volume, the nesting aspect also suggests the infinite uses of the word capacity. Specifically it hints at themes related to birth, motherhood and the circle of life.
Baltic birch plywood, Industrial Felt 32″ x 22″ x 30″h
Price: $2100


Kirsten White, a Toronto based industrial designer, specializes in furniture design and passes on her respect for materials, process and purpose to her students and Sheridan College.