Bettie Cott & Lauren Reed

“Modern Hangups” Capacity 2012

The idea of capacity in a consumerist society can be many different things to different people. Minimalist ideals compete with the consumers need to obtain objects. In the process of accumulating we realize the need for personal management and the demand of a limit. This piece provides the user with his or her maximum while conjointly sustaining the burden.

Materials: Maple & aluminum
Dimensions: 65″H x 58″L x 30″W
Price: Please enquire


Bettie Cott

Bettie Cott is an emerging Toronto designer attending her final year in the Craft and Design program at Sheridan College majoring in furniture. She began as a wood carver, later moving into furniture and object design. She is an avid supporter of local design and believes in the importance of sustainable living. Bettie’s inspirations range from geometric forms, both natural and analytical, to fusing diverse materials in unique ways. Her enthusiasm for exploring new techniques and materials has stimulated novel possibilities in her approach to design.

Lauren T. Reed

Lauren is a young designer living in Toronto. She is currently in her second year in the Furniture Design program at Sheridan College. Her work is a combination of asymmetrical linear elements using compound angles and sharp lines. She finds influence in interior space and geometric forms, and creating practical uses for impractical objects while examining limits in stability. Over her next few academic years she plans to spend time developing strong relationships with likeminded designers; sharing and cultivating ideas in collaborative ways.