Kristen & Fiona Lim Tung

“ceramic houses” Capacity 2012

Our capacity as human beings is best evidenced through the shelters we create and inhabit. Even the most modest house embodies within it the multitude of complex systems that we as human beings have developed. Furthermore, the home has traditionally been the domain of women. According to the ideals of the cult of domesticity, women were expected to embody perfect virtue in all senses; held to four characteristics in par ticular: piety, purity, submission, and domesticity. While the home could be the source of a woman’s pride, it could also be her downfall, magnif ying pressures and failures while acting as a place of repression. For CAPACITY we investigate this history, developing a collec tion of ceramic houses, each examining a different theme in an attempt to show the richness and impact of the woman on the home and the home on the woman.

Materials: Porcelain, hand-drawn decals
Dimensions: 30”w x 61”h x 17”d
Price: please inquire


Kristen Lim Tung and Fiona Lim Tung

Kristen and Fiona Lim Tung are sisters born on the same day and although their astrological sign is Gemini, they are not twins. Despite being born four years apart, they share an identical appreciation for meticulous and well-conceived methods of making that frequently brings them together in collaboration.

Kristen and Fiona are a multi-disciplinary designers with backgrounds in ceramics and architecture. Their collaborative work imparts cutting-edge beauty into often unexpected spaces providing a sense of fun, exuberance, and cheekiness. As part of the collective KRONA & LION , they have created widely-published installations and sets for private collections, editorial shoots, and several exhibitions including the Gladstone Hotel’s Come Up To My Room and Nuit Blanche. They have also developed their signature flower design for mass production. They have worked with an extensive list of clients, artists, and designers and welcome future collaborations.