Krystal Speck

“Tea Pot Series” Capacity 2012

In the context of ceramics, the word capacity brings to mind dual concepts: one of fullness, in relation to the vessel and its volume, and the other to a person’s aptitude or skill in their chosen craft. I often consider the teapot to be a mark of a designer’s capacity to harmoniously blend form, function, and surface decoration into a pleasing vessel. Teapots that achieve this balance are a pleasure to use and are often elevated to a special place in our homes. Teapots are social objects, used to welcome friends and family to the table for a moment of pause. Their fullness can also symbolize comfort and prosperity. For Capacity 2012, I wanted to challenge myself to create such a form for the first time, broadening my skills in moldmaking, slipcasting, and surface/pattern design.
Materials: Porcelain
Dimensions: Approx. 9”h x 6”d
Price: $165 each


Krystal Speck grew up in Muskoka, Ontario. Now settled in Toronto, she draws inspiration from both the rural and urban landscape and the flora & fauna contained within these two overlapping worlds. Krystal studied both ceramics and textile design at the Ontario College of Art & Design, where she received her Bachelor of Design: Material Arts in 2007.

Since graduating, she has developed her studio practice, and exhibited and sold her ceramics both locally and nationally. When she’s not in the studio, you can find her gardening, riding her bike or having coffee in the park with a good book.