Woman King

“public persona / private ritual” Capacity 2012

Collectively we are creating an environment that is host to the creation of a public persona;the space in which women get ready for their day through private ritual. By creating this environment we are asking the viewer to consider the capacity of a space in creating gender and identity. As said by Yoko Ono, “Your room of long standing starts to resemble your mind and becomes symmetrical and/or complimentary to your mind.” As designers and artists we understand the creative potential of an environment to reflect the creator of the space as well as the people that inhabit it. The intention of this environment is to extend our experience of female identity to the viewer, making the private public.

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Woman King: A male crown placed above a female brow.

Formed in 2010 Woman King is a group of female multidisciplinary artists and designers working in Toronto. Sharing a voice that is unapologetically feminine, Woman King produces work both individually and collectively. This work is linked with the history of handmade objects, material practice and female-centric art making. The act of reclaiming is what connects the artists of Woman King in their individual practices. Whether that is the reclaiming of body as site, the history of women’s work or of the female identity as both a public and private experience.

Through an exploration into objects, materials and spaces this group of designers and artists will redefine the myth of womanhood. Their work looks into our interactions with industrial design, traditional craft and body as subject from an entirely female perspective. Woman King exemplifies the capacity for Canadian women in art and design, among other creative disciplines, to effect a change of perception and a message of empowerment through their work.

Leanne Shea Rhem

Leanne Shea Rhem is a Fibre Artist, Maker, Clothing Designer, and Feminist working in Toronto, Canada. Rhem recently earned her Bachelor of Design from Ontario College of Art and Design University, where she studied Material Art & Design with a specialization in fibre. Her current focus within her art/design practice involves the use of a wide range of media and fibre based techniques to create wearable forms, which create a narrative concerning her experience of being female. She has exhibited across Toronto in various group shows and will continue to do so independently and with her art/design collective, Woman King.

Megan A. Skyvington

Megan A. Skyvington is a practicing interdisciplinary artist working in Toronto, Canada. She attended the Ontario College of Art and Design University where she majored in Drawing and Painting. Her work discusses the complicated relationship between fashion, the body, public stigma and private feelings.

Ange-line Tetrault

Ange-line Tetrault is a product designer working in Toronto, Canada. Recently graduated from OCAD University with a degree in Industrial Design she currently works at imm-Living. Her work has been sold at Selfridges, Anthropology and featured all over the world in publications including, At home with Rachel Ray and Frankie Magazine. With a background that lies in the theatre and setting the scene Tetrault believes that objects not only tell a story, but also become a piece of history once created and claimed. This aesthetic is reflected in the objects she designs. Nature and popular culture is a major source of inspiration, the results being a playful as well as a thoughtful reflection of her life and surroundings.

Tara Lee Towers

Tara Lee Towers is a Fibre Artist, Weaver and Maker working in Toronto, Canada. A recent graduate from the Material Art and Design program at OCAD University, specializing in fibre Towers has shown her work individually and also as a member of the Woman King Collective since 2009.  Her work gives voice to women and women’s work, which is a part of a shared and hidden history of making. Her delicate and impeccably constructed works explore both traditional methods of making and modern interpretations of historical techniques often explored through personal narratives in her practice.