Heather McGaw

“Labyrinth Nightgowns” Capacity 2012

What is the capacity to comfort somebody who is ill? To express the tenderness we feel for them? How do we guide our own worries while caring for them? Soothing a loved one often entails more than just words or reassurance. A more encompassing approach includes all the ways we might express our love, and in this regard, the importance of touch cannot be overstated. Drawing along one’s back with a finger is perhaps something we remember our parents doing when we were young; a comforting gesture providing us with a sense of warmth, love and security. Labyrinth nightgowns are meant to capture these feelings. Using labyrinths– meandering oaths that wind their way from start to finish– laser cut or printed onto the back of bamboo-knit nightgowns, they provide an easily traceable path for fingers to aid in expressions of tenderness and love, whether at the hospital or home.

Materials:Bamboo Knit
Size: Adult SM, M, L
Price: please inquire


Heather McGaw

Heather is a Toronto-based user experience designer. She is passionate about the power of design in bettering the world and is interested in designing artifacts, interactions, and services that positively influence and support human behaviour. When Heather is not doing these things she is getting her hands dirty in the garden, baking something decadent, or tinkering with DIY technology.